ACS Chemagination Competition for High School Students

Chemagination is designed to encourage high school students to think about the future impact of chemistry on their lives and society.
High school students are asked to imagine that they are living 25 years in the future and are writing for ChemMatters, a magazine for high school students that focuses on the role of chemistry in everyday life.  The editor chooses them to them to write the cover article for the next issue of the magazine describing a recent breakthrough or innovation in chemistry and its applications that improve the lives of those living in that future time. Along with the article they have the honor of designing the magazine’s cover. The subject of the article is: “Describe a recent breakthrough or innovation in chemistry (and/or its applications) that has improved the quality of people’s lives today.”  The article must be written to fit in one of four categories: Alternative Energy, Environment, Medicine/Health, or New Materials. 

2022 Competition Rules

2021 Lehigh Valley Section Chemagination Competition
In the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competiton was run in a virtual mode. The 1st and 2nd place winners in each category are noted in the listing below. 1st place winners are invited to further develop and submit their entries to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition during the MARM in June. The awards committee thanks the student competitors, teachers and schools for sharing their creativity with the community!
Alternative Energy

Nuclear Cars by Maddox Moyer, Manny Lorenzo and Logan Kimma (1st place) *
The Hydroelectric Car by Joal Ponce and Sarah Love (2nd place) *

Filtered Water of the Future by Asher Landrum and Sydney Gring (1st place) *
Lunar Greenhouses by Jack Davis, Sherylann Smith and Yasire Hidalgo (2nd place) *


The Secrets of the Brain Unlocked by Frances Ramirez and Bobby Cornelius (1st place) *
The Evolution of the Artificial Kidney by Darius Jackson and RF Schaeffer (2nd place) *

New Materials
A Not So Cool Way to Conduct by Rebecca Hawks, Sakura Helm and Casimir Morgan (1st place) #
Could Nanotechnology be the Cure? by Summer Mease and Jordyn Naber (2nd place) *

* Muhlenberg High School, Reading, PA
# Stroudsburg High School, Stroudsburg, PA

Chemagination Awards Committee

John Freeman
LVACS HS Chemagination coordinator


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