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LVACS chemists make science come alive with demonstration tables at schools and civic institutions. It's also a great way for young chemists such as college students to 'give back' what they have already learned and help the community to understand how chemistry impacts their daily lives. Would you like to be the chemist for fascinated kids and their parents? Extract DNA from strawberries? Make edible waterpods? It's fun and mind-opening.

Are you a community member in the PA counties of Berks, Schuylkill, Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe or Warren NJ looking for a chemical professional to demonstrate science for your group and talk about the chemical profession? Please contact us!

Here's an example of a recent science fair we attended. 


Da Vinci Science Center

The Lehigh Valley section is an active partner with our local science museum, Da Vinci Science Center of Allentown, in "Bringing Science to Life and Lives to Science." Da Vinci's mission meshes splendidly with ACS' mission of "Chemistry for Life" thus making our collaboration truly synergistic. You'll find LVACS chemists celebrating National Chemistry Week (NCW) and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) here every year! 

Here's what we did for "Marvelous Metals" (NCW 2019).

Here's what happened during CCEW 2019: "Take Note: The Chemistry of Paper."

NCW 2020 will be virtual

The American Chemical Society has advised all local sections to engage the public during National Chemistry Week (NCW) 2020, October 18-24, by virtual means owing to the continuing COVID-19 health and safety guidelines from the CDC. This year’s theme, “Sticking with Chemistry” is all about adhesion phenomena, natural and man-made. From how geckos walk across ceilings to the chemistry of superglues and Post-It note adhesives, we’ll investigate what makes things stick together (or not) and even make our own glue (from milk) and evaluate its performance by a simple adhesion test. We’ll also learn about the importance of wetting of the surfaces we’re trying to bind together by the glue and what adhesive ‘tackiness’ means and how to measure it.

NCW 2020 "socially-distanced" kick-off event, in cooperation with the BrickLIVE-Ocean outdoor exhibit at Da Vinci Science Center, Saturday, October 17th. 

Once again, we will have our illustrated poetry competition: submit your 'sticky' rhymes to us electronically! 

More information about NCW 2020 can be found on the National ACS website and by contacting our NCW Coordinator, Lindsey Welch

Put on your CDC-approved Halloween masks and try some
Chemistry for Halloween in
Cacoosing Meadows Park, Spring Township, PA

Location:Cacoosing Meadows Park pavilion
Date:  October 24, 2020
Time:  11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Ages: 4+
Cost:  FREE

Deadline registration: October 22, 2020

Join the Penn State Berks Chemical Society for a spooky, fun and educational program that engages children in discovering chemistry. This is an innovative, hands-on opportunity for children to run simple (and possibly slimey) experiments and explore basic chemistry concepts perfect for Halloween surprises! Registration required.
Please consult Township of Spring Parks and Recreation Safety Plan:

Join the fun!

We're always looking for volunteers for a wide variety of outreach events...and each year we award a worthy Volunteer of the Year. Just give us a shout and we'll give you your chemistry magic wand! 

National Chemistry Week / Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Coordinator:
Lindsey Welch,
Da Vinci Science Center Coordinator:
Nigel Sanders,
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