Our Local Environment

Lehigh Valley section members are active in providing chemistry knowledge and analysis to address the environmental challenges we face in the Lehigh, Susquehanna and Delaware valley areas. One specific example is the assessment and clean-up associated with zinc production in the Palmerton area

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week was virtual in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look at some of our Zoom webinars:
CCEW Teach-In: Earth Day 50
CCEW Paper Science & Recycling
CCEW in the Lehigh Valley Area: Review of Zn Smelting History

Still virtual in 2021, we had a panel discussion to address "Reducing our Footprint with Chemistry"
CCEW 2021: Members tell their sustainability stories

Emerging from the pandemic in 2022, We celebrated CCEW with an outreach event at Da Vinci Science Center. The theme, "The Buzz about Bugs: insect chemistry" focused on the importance of insects as pollinators. CCEW 2023 featured "The Curious Chemistry of Amazing Algae" with an outreach event at Da Vinci Science Center. Seaweed was everywhere!

April 20th 2021 Chemists Celebrate Earth Week panel discussion to address the theme: "Reducing our Footprint with Chemistry" with personal sustainability stories.

LVACS Safety Committee

Contact us if you have questions about safety around chemicals or health/environmental issues in our community.

Safety Committee Chair
Caroline Multari, caroline.multari@gmail.com
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