The Strategic Planning Retreat team celebrates 10 years since our first Strategic Plan was launched in 2012. Carol Duane and Amber Hinkle of ACS once again joined us on the campus of Cedar Crest College for the development of our third plan.
LVACS Strategic Plan 2022-2027
Strategic Plan 2022-2027 Year 1.5 Progress Update

The LVACS Executive Committee and Strategic Planning Team reviewed progress in the plan goals/strategies on January 10th 2024 which showed 7 of the 8 strategies complete and on time and 1 in progress and on schedule. See a Gantt Chart of the progress. The EC recommended that follow-up review be scheduled in 2024 to plan further strategies to follow on to our success!

Vision and Mission

The Lehigh Valley Section of ACS exists to improve the lives of its members and the community. In each of the 7 counties in which we operate, LVACS supports career networks, offering opportunities for chemists to contribute both on and off the job, and reaches out to our local schools and science-related institutions to provide current chemistry resources to encourage STEM literacy and promote science excellence. 
LVACS Demographics summary
LVACS Values statement  

Lehigh Valley ACS members:
On Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th, 2022, a Strategic Planning Retreat was held on the campus of Cedar Crest College, facilitated by Amber Hinkle and Carol Duane of ACS. The 1.5 day retreat resulted in our 3rd, 3-5 year Strategic Plan which is summarized in the graphic above and in a report here. If you are willing to assist in reaching one of the seven strategies of the new Plan as part of a small team, please CONTACT: LVACS Past Chair Lindsey Welch or Steve Boyer, LVACS Chair, 

Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee of the section guides the Strategic Plan which is just beginning its third 5-year cycle.

Long Range Planning Committee Chair
Nigel Sanders,
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